School Tours

from as little as €15 per child

Hands up who wants a School Tour packed with Adventure?

With high ropes courses, zip lines and climbing walls on offer, a school tour with Outdoor Adventures at Courtlough, will be one to remember!  
Instead of being told “that is too high”, or “no running”, kids can explore their capabilities and step outside of their comfort zones in a safe & fully supervised environment.
Our qualified and experienced instructors will ensure that every child gets the most out of their activities, leaving with a sense of achievement and adventure!

Courtlough Outdoor Adventures School Tours

At Courtlough, your group will reach new levels of fun on our multiple Aerial Trekking courses, Zipline, Climbing Walls & Dropzone…and the fun doesn’t stop there, we also have Splatmaster, Archery and a range of ground team building games. Courtlough Outdoor Adventures has something for everyone!!

Here in Courtlough, our School Tours are centered around outdoor fun, being active and encouraging children to always try their best. Our mission is to see all of children leave our Tours with their head held a little higher and with a Megawatt smile on their face.
We are based 5 mins off exit 5 on the M1, there’s no need to spend half of the School Tour day traveling to you destination when we’ve got everything you need in Dublin.
Did we mention that we also have the coolest lunch spot going? We have a big orange double decker party bus on site for the children to eat their packed lunch with toilets close by so everything is easily accessible.

*All of our activities are Instructor led
*All equipment is provided
*We are fully insured for all age groups

School Tour Options

Children from 5-7 years (Junior & Senior infants)

*Aerial Trekking (lower level),
*Climbing Walls
*Capacity 30-100 Children (All activities in group rotations of 33 or less)

A School Tour is the perfect opportunity to introduce your students to the Great Outdoors in a fun, exciting and safe place. From their first steps negotiating the lowest level of the Aerial Trekking on our Courtlough Tower to being outside in the fresh air, the fun is in the journey. The Courtlough Tower is a hive of activity designed to test coordination, balance, communication and listening skills and most importantly to have fun. The Climbing Wall is loved by ALL age groups and will see them reach new heights. (The Tour will last approx 3 hrs )

Children from 8-13 years

*Courtlough Tower
*Aerial Trekking (2 levels open depending on children’s age & ability )
*Climbing Wall/Abseiling
*Ground Team Building games
*Capacity 30-100 Children (All activities in group rotations of 33 or less)

All of the above listed activities are great for confidence building, exercise and communication.
Your students will be encouraged to push themselves and to cheer on their classmates to reach their goals and overcome obstacles.
The Tower presents a challenge for children of all skill levels & abilities which allows for a greater scope of achievement & reward.
The ground based Team Building games will allow any children who do not wish to partake in the Tower activities to also shine by changing the focus to strategy and teamwork.
Archery is one of our most popular activities, the focus being placed on aim, concentration and strength…The children absolutely love it!!
(Tour will last approx 4 hours )

Please see costs based on group size and age below.

School Tours 2018
Cost per child (cpc)

5-8 years

*20-30: €20 cpc
*30-60: €17 cpc
*60-80: €16 cpc
*80+: €15 cpc

8-13 years

*20-30: €22 cpc
*30-60: €19 cpc
*60-80: €17 cpc
*80+: €15 cpc

Outdoor Adventures Courtlough is a member of ERCA and operates to the ERCA standard

School Packagesstarting from as little as €15 per child