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Easter Camp 2018

We are running the most adventure filled and awesome Easter Camp in Dublin from €25 per child per day or €70 for the week.

Tuesday April 3rd | Wednesday April 4th | Thursday April 5th |

So let us tell you more about what’s in store…

We want to burn all that sugar off and get your kids active in the Outdoors this Easter. Are the kids driving you up the walls? Get them Climbing Walls instead (it’s far safer & definitely more fun) while you take some time out to unwind. Each day has a planned activity (see below) and will finish with Dropzone or Zipline (kids choice) – all of our activities are sure to challenge and excite even the coolest kids to get out of their comfort zones but fear not as our trusty instructors are always on hand to offer encouragement, support or even to rescue if needed.

Tuesday April 3rd – Sugar Rush

Fill your kids up with eggs (Cadbury will do) and let them use their sugar high to power up our Climbing Walls before Abseiling back down. We’re going to make the kids feel like real life Adventurers conquering new heights on our 40ft walls…Once they reach the top (queue cheers of support from their fellow camp mates) they will begin their abseil descent before setting foot on solid ground.

Wednesday April 4th

Next up for our mini Adventurers…is the Aerial Trekking – with 3 different height levels to choose from, they will be busy getting around all of them.

From the dizzying heights of our Adventure Tower, each child will get the chance to conquer our Aerial Trekking courses. Each level has a new set of obstacles to overcome and once they get going they won’t want to stop. The Tower is really where the kids get a chance to build their confidence as all of the activities will challenge them to overcome their fears and coax them out of their comfort zones, the best part is seeing their faces beam with pride when they’ve done something that they didn’t think they could do…priceless

*A fear of Heights is very common, our instructors always work with the children to ensure they are comfortable enough to participate but they can opt out if they prefer.

Thursday April 5th

What better to way to kickstart the final day of camp than with our most popular activity…Splatmaster!!! The kids will absolutely love getting kitted out in the paintball gear (overalls, masks) before making their way to the Paintball arena. Our instructors will complete a full safety briefing before the kids get their Splatmaster guns. Once the teams are decided and the game is chosen, it’s all about FUN FUN FUN.

We want to finish off a great week with a Giant High which means one thing…the GIANT Swing. This is such a fun one to watch but you might want some earplugs because when that Swing goes Whoosh, the screams of laughter are LOUD.

*Each day is perfect 1 day course as there is something for everyone.

Call us to book 01-8020843

Easter Camp 2017

The Courtlough Outdoors Adventures Easter Camp is here!

We are taking bookings now for our Easter camp running from :

3rd – 5th of April

A bottle of water and snack are included each day.  Activities include :

  • Splatmaster
  • Archery
  • Drop zone
  • Climbing Walls
  • Aerial Trekking
  • Zip-lines

Our camps runs from 10am to 2pm each day

All equipment is provided with safety briefings and instructors on hand at all times

Open to 7 – 16 year olds ( 7-12 and 12 -16)

The cost is €70 per child for 3 days

If you would like to book a place in one of our camps, please get in contact using the form below: